Day 22: gratitude challenge 

great day today


Day 18, 19, 20 and 21: of gratitude challenge

OMG! I can’t believe that five days have passed since my last gratitude posting.  I was too busy living, that I forgot to reflect on what’s I was experiencing.  Me bad. That was very ungrateful. Life has been so good to me over the last few days.  I have been very busy at a conference near the beach at a great resort.  I met great people, listened to amazing talks and shared good moments with colleagues.  The highlights of the four days were: the presentation on the Indigenous Marathon Project (  by Australian runner Robert de Castanella; the meeting of Queensland companies; the staying at the hotel, the dancing.  I must say that the best, best bit was seeing my boys having a great time in the hotel room and the swimming pool. Heaven! So grateful that work gave me this opportunity.

I must also say that I felt a bit self-conscious about my accent. So hard. I believe that my accent has been a major obstacle in my success. Even the bitch told: “I cant understand you”. I felt so humiliated that pretended not lo have listened that comment. Good thing is that in my area of work is very multicultural and international, so my ‘weakness’ is somehow accepted, but still a weakness.

Day 17: gratitude challenge 

Today I am very grateful for a day out of the office. I hosted a group of Chinese investors and took them around to meet Australian companies. Had a good chat with my colleagues and saw a few clients I have not seen in a while. As I write, then read this I realised that there is so much more I could be doing with my life besides work and home. Or maybe full time work and a busy family with small children is enough? 

Day 16: gratitude challenge 

Great TV watching: The Killing Season on ABC. Grateful that Australia still has an excellent national broadcaster to show great political documentaries. Watching the program I am reminded what a strong PM Julia Gillard was. So grateful for her, however nothing is ever black and white.  

Day 15: Gratitude challenge

Today is the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, the longest night. A beautiful night to be in bed, being grateful for life, for family, work, friends, colleagues.  I cant believe it has been 15 days since I started this gratitude journal, and I must say I don’t know where it is just coincidence, chance or the power of love, but life at home is slowly improving.  We are talking more, planning more. I don”t know how long this is going to last, but for now is good.

I am grateful for my good friend and Uni supervisor. Today we had a good talk about my future, my thesis work. She was great and I really needed this pet talk. So grateful too that I can work part time, and have mondays off to concentrate on uni work (that’s the plan anyway).  I just need to stop procrastinating and start working on my thesis topic.

Day 14: gratitude challenge 

Yesterday, day 14 was a great gardening day. Woke up very early to go to markets, bought great herbs and had me quality time.  I even had the time and energy to dig the garden and plant my new herb and veggie patch. So grateful we had a beautiful sunny winter day. 

Day 12 & 13: gratitude challenge 

I am posting for two days. Yesterday I was exhausted after a very busy way. Work has gone crazy, our managers are loosing the plot, good colleagues are living and results are slow to come by. We are running around like headless chooks.  Despite of that I am grateful for my job. It gives me so much joy and a sense of achievement. I  one of the lucky ones that is working in area related to my degree. So grateful for that. 

I am also lucky for the beginning of gardening time. Today I prepared the first soup of the season using the produce from our garden: sweet potato and leak soup. I even got a read onion. Earth is magic!  Grateful for the new Pope too. I  going to read his enciclica on the environment. 

Day 10: Gratitude Challenge

Today I am so glad my working day is over and at home with my family. All the stress and panic of the office pales into insignificance once we realize how precious our loves ones are. Here at home, tucked away in my bed, I am so grateful that my older boy is so responsible i don’t have to remind him to finish his school work; that my husband cooked a yummy and nutritious food for dinner and then he helped doing the dishes; and that my little boy is my superhero: MAGIC!


Day 9: gratitude challenge 

It was a good day today. Started with a nice hot tea, taking my little boy to school and getting on time to work for my training. Globe training was great, so glad that I was dobbed in to attend the session. Thankful for that. Great tools. 

My chat with Kaye in the afternoon was heartbreaking. Her partner is dying of cancer and she is leaving work to be with him on his last days.  He has lived with this cruel illness for over 2 years, but now he’s getting closer to the end. He is suffering now, in pain and medicated most of the time. Kaye would like to stop his suffering and resents that euthanasia is not an option in Australia. So grateful that I had the opportunity to console my good friend. Cancer sucks, but death reminds us to live to the fullest.