Day 21: Gratitude fitness challenge

Got to 21 days of this fitness challenge! I’ve enjoyed it and now I am starting to see small improvements in my weight and general well-being. Today I got to walk 7.5 kms, reaching more than 10,000 steps, so grateful for that.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Thirteen years together.  At the beginning of 2015, I thought we may not celebrate another anniversary ever. We have managed, just, to make it through the year.  Lots of sacrifice on my part, lots of forgiving and understanding, and hurt. Let’s not forget all the hurt that this relationship has brought to me this year. I am not ready to forgive 100%, I may never get there. Just thinking about all the humiliation makes me mad. I feel embarrassed to even celebrate the anniversary. What am I celebrating? That I stayed?  Anyway, I must soldier on, got small children, busy working life and my own dreams.  So grateful for being able to enjoy my family and my friends despite of all the pain.



Day 20: gratitude fitness challenge

What a busy day.  Woke up at 3am worrying about my thesis. No progress yet and I am to blame.  No one but me, I haven’t done my research, attended seminars or started working on my topic. My bad.  I think I may need to do a 21 day uni gratitude challenge to keep me going.

This morning I had to take my boy to school by 7am, so no chance to go with Mr X for our daily walk.  Good thing is that I had such a hectic day taking the delegation to meetings and farm visits. Love travelling to the country and meeting farmers. When you host international visitors and must tell them about your city, you really fall in love again with this beautiful part of the world.  It’s then when you realised how like we are to be living in such a cosmopolitan place, with the great weather, clean skies and easy going people.  Just spending the day going from meeting to meeting I managed to get to my 10,000 steps. So thankful for my job, my city and for completing the 10,000 steps.


Day 18: fitness gratitude challenge

Today I somehow managed to walk more than 12,000 steps!  All thanks to a bit of retail therapy … I bought myself a hot dress way to small for me to wear right not, but as an incentive to wear it for the theater in September. Yes, I am going with my colleagues to a musical at the Arts Centre in mid September.  So I have a couple of reasons to be grateful today: my walking, my new sexy dress and booking for the theater.  Also, I had my performance review meeting with my manager and I felt confident in what he asked me to do and what I requested what I wanted to do from a professional development point of view. We had an agreement of sorts and I think we are both happy enough with the outcome.

I am also a bit concerned about my home country. So much death and suffering, It seems we haven’t learnt a thing from our wars and post-wars. five bus drivers killed today and a transport strike to protest for the violence. Salvaroreans killing other Salvadoreans.  Our worse enemies our own brothers and sisters. Somos tercos, nos gusta que nos traten mal y nos danamos los unos a los otros. Pobrecita patria mia, no veo como vas a dejar de sangrar, con estos hijos. Salvadorenos hijos de puta … los tristes mas tristes del mundo, y para colmo los mas violentos. Al final unos pobres, tristes y violentos hijos de puta. Semos malos. Me duele mi gente y me asusta. Monsenor Romero cuanto se te extrana.

cese la represion

Day 17: gratitude fitness challenge

Good morning start with a 3.5km walk, now combined with some jogging.  I’ll slowly start jogging at least twice a week, eventually doing it 4 times a week. My main problem is my back and my injured ankles.  I want to push myself and get back to running, but I don’t want to get in the process. I also tried to go for the fasting, with limited success. I am thinking that Sunday night/Monday morning will be my fasting weekly days.  I am not sure about this 5:2 systems, no clinical studies, no research, nothing. How are people following this? I don’t understand.  I have decided to go for no fasting, only 16 hours eating break, once a week.  I am planning to have a last meal on Sunday say 4pm, then on monday morning breakfast say 10am. Healthy eating the rest of the week and one ‘whatever’ meal a week. I mean I LOVE Salvadorean food: tamales, pasteles, pupusas, quesadilla … and those don’t come fat free!!  Thank you for the pupusas and the opportunity to eat them at least once a week.

We have not had our weekly meeting with Mr X for the past two weeks.  It worries me because we get to stop planning and start arguing when we don’t have our ‘business meetings’.  We have at least maintained our daily walks, so we get to talk for a few minutes before the craziness of the day starts.  So grateful for those times to reconnect.


Day 16 & 17: gratitude fitness challenge 

Saturday was a busy day, but I was lucky I went for a 4km walk, with a bit of running. During the day I was frantic preparing for our weekend guests. We had a couple from China staying for one night. Our German guest looked after the boys and finally we had a change to go dancing. So grateful for the chance to go for the walk and for all the dancing.  Today, was a terrible day for fitness, no morning walk (we came home at 2am!), no exercise and way too much food with friends and family. So grateful for those lovely off days!

Day 15: fitness gratitude challenge 

Today was a good day for fitness and I am so grateful for that. It all started in the morning when I didn’t want to go for my walk, it was foggy, wet and cold.  I was making excuses, trying to justify why staying in bed was the best option. But, at the end we walked! During lunch time I went to the yoga class, funny it wasn’t just a yoga class it was a meditation class, chants and all.  My body wasn’t ready for it and my mind kept going wandering. I am convincing my colleagues to go once a week. In the evening I did my light weight exercises. I got to 10,000 steps. 

Day 14: fitness gratitude challenge

Today I did my daily walk, nothing else.  My little boy has been sick for a few days and it was time to take him to the doctor. He asthma has flared up and needed extra medication. This morning I asked him how much he thought I loved him, his response ‘like a flying butterfly”. What a clever answer, in his eyes the path of the flying butterfly does not have an end. So I am grateful for my boy, his love, his tenderness and the chance to stay with him the whole day. I have continued my light weight program for the arms.  I hope I can see some results in a few weeks.  Life with Mr X is a bit more bearable, at least his grumpiness is under control for now. This marriage thing is not for the faint hearted, it is a daily struggle. I don;t know how people can last for 20 or 30 years. I wonder if women, in particular must lose themselves to stay married?  Being single is also not the answer, all my single friends long for a partner and feel the burden of their freedom.  Married women want to be free like a butterfly and single women long for belonging.  What a conundrum!  I just want some peace ..and the chance to lose 5 kg …


Day  13: gratitude fitness challenge 

Today I walked 6km! So grateful for that. Feeling a bit sore, no because of the walk, but because of the damage in my ankle and now my legs, hips and back are truly hurting.  I am thinking of doing yoga at least once a week to help relieve the pain. If I can get out of work, I’ll may go tomorrow.

This afternoon I finally took time off and went for a quick massage. My shoulders and neck are feeling a bit better. My body in general is feeling gratiful for my massage.
Also grateful for my friend M who cooked a very nice white  beans soup with tortilla. Yummy, yummy!  So good to have friends who have the time and can cook. Sometimes I resent that I am a working mum and don’t have the time to catch up with friends during the week. I resent my husband who decided to become a stay home. Somehow I took the role of breadwinner without asking for it. So grateful that at least I really enjoy my work, and fate would have it I would even do my job for free.

Day 12: gratitude fitness challenge

Hurrah, hurrah! 21 days of daily walks! I made it.  Early on I learnt that a habit can be formed in just 21 days.  So when I’ve tried to get used to something, I’ve always used this technique and usually it works.  Tomorrow it’s day 22 and i just hope that i can get to day 100 … and loose some weight in the process.  My ankle is still hurting, the pain is going all the way my legs, my tights and into my hips and lower back.  It hurts badly.  I am afraid that the pain will get worse, and I m not going to be able to keep on walking or getting back to running.  That’s why I think it is important to start with a light weight program.  So grateful that today I managed to go for my walk and also do my arms exercises.  Given that the weight is not coming off – I actually put on 200 grms, should I start a diet? I’ve never gone for a diet, as i think that healthy ealting is the best way of loosing wieight, but i don;t see the weight coming off any time soon. A few of my colleagues are in this 5:2 diet, I wonder whether is works and whether is healthy. I don’t know if i can give it a go …