Day 17: University gratitude challenge

10km run! What a challenge! I made it to the end, no fainting, no crying, no quiting. I absolutely made it, finished it. Even better I jog most of the time and didn’t come last. Feeling pump and grateful.



Day 16: Gratitude uni challenge

Feeling a bit uneasy.  My 10km run is tomorrow. No training, injured, with the beginning of a cold and looking after a very sick boy. The joys of being a mum who wants to keep on living.  See if i can finish the run, or at least walk it.  I am in pain, ankle pain, leg pains and damaged my lower back muscle.  But i must finish it.

Day 14 & 15: University gratitude challenge

Small wins, are still wins.  I spent a few hours in the library, met with my Uni study mentor, went to a research methodology seminar and felt like a uni student again. Talking to my mentor I realised that slowly, slowly I am making progress.  Main issue is that I have nothing on paper, but I am sure that should come soon.  I am getting on top of my reading and managed to get a few good papers.  Furthermore, today I went to give a lecture to third year uni students, and I mus say I was good. I could see myself as an academic easily. Now, if only i could write up that stupid thesis.  The 10km run is coming soon. I cant believe it is almost here.  So grateful for uni work and for my fitness dreams.

Day 12 & 13: University gratitude challenge

Disappointing weekend in terms of fitness and uni work.  Disappointing. Worked too much, ate a lot and drank wine and beer.   Fun with friends, but tiring.  Got a terribly busy week and feeling annoyed.  Spent whole day cooking and Mr X has not lifted a finger to clean up. Too upset to even go close to the kitchen. Too upset to study.Maybe a run will make me feel a bit better. At least I managed to book a workshop for tomorrow. Thank you. Also feeling grateful for my elliptical machine, will feel much better after spending a good 30 mins there.

Day 11: University gratitude challenge

Today was another disappointing day for uni work. I had emailed me some articles to print, so i could read but i totally forgot to print them.  Work is crazily busy, plus my fitness regime. Today i did 32 mins in the elliptical machine.  My goal is to get fit enough to run/walk the 10 kms for the Bridge to Brisbane race.

Day 8: Uni gratitude challenge

For some reason I lost my last entry blog, Funny thing it was about focusing and doing things right the first time so i dont have to do it again and waste time. The universe is playing joke on me and telling if I an going to say something, better make sure I do it. Or maybe the universe is telling me to take it easy, things will work out anyway. Anyway, my lost blog was about my slow progress at uni, my fitness regime and how busy I am going to be at work over the next few weeks. So to accomplished my goals, I must have focus and concentrate on what I am doing, while I am on it. Live the moment in other words. Easier said than done.  See if this time this entry is not lost!


Day 6 & 7: uni grateful challenge

Granted today and yesterday I really procrastinated and did nothing about my thesis. Nothing, nada. Tomorrow I’ll have an appointment with librarian and hopefully I’ll catch up with my reading. One thing I did was to go for a RUN, yes a real run. I am still hurting but happy that I managed to finally run.  Also had friends over for dinner and cooked for the whole family. Great weekend. So thankful for that. 

Day 5: University gratitude challenge

Coincidence or law of attraction? My supervisor out of the blue came to the city to have a chat with me about my research. She was sooo supportive and caring. Told me that I could practically do whatever I wanted me, and that the uni would be behind me. So grateful that I had started this gratitude challenge and I had something to report on. Told her about my small wins and confessed that over the last months I have been very disattached from my uni work. She was understanding, but very clear that this procrastination phase needs to come to an end soon. She asked me to put in paper 3 – 4 pages of a proposal. A doable task, once I start taking my literature research seriously. Well, it did the job. This evening I finally downloaded End notes and started a basic lit research. So grateful for using endnotes.