Day 23: University gratitude challenge

Another day, another loss opportunity to work on my thesis. Good things in that I joined in for the first time in my local Park Run and went for 5km. I may not become a doctor, but i am on  my way of becoming a runner.


Day 21, 22 and 23: University gratitude challenge

Failed again miserably this week on my uni challenge. Zero work, no reading, no writing. I did manage to keep on walking, recover from my 10km run and go down to 64.7kgs. Well, if i am not reaching my uni goals, at least I am reaching my fitness goals. Thank you.

Day 21: Gratitude Uni challenge

I got so many reasons to be grateful for but none related to my uni work.  What’s more every day I see my uni dream slipping away.  I don;t know what I am going to do.  I can;t blame anyone.  It’s only me and my fear, and my laziness.  Today we had a great fathers day. Boys were good to their father. I got a fantastic present for him: tickets to the The Miserables!  Had friends over for lunch and then had a BBQ with all the students at the other place.  Got a bit upset with Mr X for taking our good dishes to their party.  Still upset about that.  My God … the things that upset me: first world problems.

I am very touched about the plights of refugees. As a former refugee myself, I find it extremely confronting.  The poor child that died trying to get to Europe touched my heart. It could have been my child.  We supported the wars and the Arab Spring, now we have to support the consequences of such wars.  I have some faith in humanity when I see that Australian are going to be holding a candlelight vigil for the refugees.  Faith in humanity restored. Very grateful.


Day 18, 19 & 20: University gratitude challenge

This should be called, how to procrastinate when preparing a thesis.I have done nothing, zero, nada.  Feeling terrible and thinking tomorrow, tomorrow,  But really tomorrow. After my 10km run, I got all sore and then got a terrible head cold. Today I worked from home, this trade mission is keeping me busy. Good thing I got to rest, played with the children and got a clean home.  Still feeling sick, with a  bad headache and no plans to continue with my studies. Feeling embarrassed about that.