Day 5: holiday challenge

It is almost 1am. Our plane is to leave in a few hours. Feeling exhausted and stressed. Had a great Cuchubal night at our place. Pan con pavo was magnificent! Thank you for my mum. I could not have done a thing without her help. Thanks to my Cuchubal friends. Thanks to my father. Thanks to Mr X, as intense as always. Thanks for my little boys, they know how to make me smile. May God be with us and protect us in our travels.


Day 3 & 4: holiday challenge

Yesterday was my last day at work for the year, yeah! It felt soo good saying goodbye.  Today is the last day at home. I got up at 4am and got some uni work done.  Will complete packing and buying last minute presents and stuff. I am so excited, but worried at the same time. I don’t know if I can be with Mr X for 10 long weeks, without wanting to kill him or at least divorce him. Gosh, he is so INTENSE, so INTENSE … it is tiring. The boys need calm, calm, the gentle care of their parents and Mr X is all the contrary.  How do I survive and enjoy my time? That and the violence in El Salvador and potential illnesses are the three things that worry me the most of travelling, but by far is his intensity what worries me the most.   Today it is cuchubal time, so very busy day.

Day 1: Holiday gratitude challenge

I barely passed the university gratitude challenge, but I did it.  I completed my first year review, albeit with only a passing grade, and got to define my research topic and prepared a draft methodology.  With all the distractions at work and at home, I truly found it very challenging to keep on interested in my thesis.

Now I have asked for three months leave of absence from Uni: I am going on holidays. I am sooo GRATEFUL for that blessing. I need a break from work, from home and from uni. It would be fantastic to see friends and family again, in particular my dad.  El Salvador, here we come!