Procrastination challenge: day 31

Done. Made it to the month. Waking up early, using a journal, doing some yoga, writing, setting up goals. Is it too late now? My supervisor tells me the dean has not accepted my request for extension of confirmation. So, in other words I risk being kicked out of the program. Surprise, surprise, just when I was getting into my thesis work, I get this news. Terrible news, I am afraid… all that work and I only got a chair? We’ll at least it’s a nice one.
In other news, invites for Emilio’s birthday went out today. I got 6 boys coming now! Afraid though that after all that I will get 21 boys. So much money, almost $1,000!

Also, I am happy my mum could go to sleep last night. Worried because it was drug induced. But could I say, she is the one that can’t fall sleep.

Tomorrow at work we are moving to the Tower of Power! Worried that now I m going to be seating in a very open plan office, With my boss next to me. Lovely building though. The tallest and the very best in the city. I am lucky.


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