Writing challenge: day 1


Thanks to this blog I became aware of the “8-minute writing habit” book. I have been listening to the audio-book and got the point where I have to start the challenge. The author says ‘8 minute per 8 days’, but given how behind I am in my dissertation, I will adapt to ‘8 minutes (at least) for 30 days’. According to the author, if you follow the 8-minute a day rule, at the end of a year you should have a manuscript with 100,000 words, a thesis! What do I have to lose? I also got to know more about transcript from dictation, i think it maybe good for mum, to put something in paper, well in voice, as that may alleviate some of her anxieties.

Today we left our old building, and Monday into the new. Very trendy they say. My worried is that i won;t have that much freedom to search, print and write, worse when i am seating next to my boss in the pod. We’ll see.

Mr G is in a grumpy mood today, he gets this way from time to time. Like the PMS of older overweight man. That grumpiness last for a few days. While he’s in that mood, he doesn’t talk to me, doesn’t respond when asked, doesn’t interact with me at all. At the beginning it really used to bother me, and I tried to do things to make him happy. Now, I managed it a bit better, it still bothers me, but I don’t try to get him out of it … I just let him be and get out of his way. Sooner or later he will come back. Good thing that i know have children and thesis to worry about, so his moodiness is one of the very last things in my radar.

I had lunch with my very good friend ME, she gave me the good advice of changing university, to a more prestigious one, the best one in the State. See how my meeting with my supervisors goes. If it goes well I wont consider it, but if any problems i may star making inquiries about changing schools.

Tonight I am going to work on one theory, weekend I will finish the other. The plan is for Thursday, I’ll have something to present to supervisors: 5,000 words at least.


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