#NanoWriMo Challenge: day 3

Failed in the writing text challenge, but for  my thesis I read  a heavy article, and it literally took me the whole day to finish reading it. No writing on the model today, but took plenty of notes for drafting the next section of my lit review. Basically the article was about intentions and behaviours, e.g. if you intend on doing something and there is a good chance of success and total control of the variables, then behaviour can be explained by the theory of reasoned action; but if full control is not there and you are not sure of the probabilities of success, then you need to use: theory of planned behaviuor.  To get there i read and reread pages with words like salient, volitional, subjective norms, etc. The authors present a few algebraic formulas to measure and forecast behavior … heavy, heavy.

Also, I spent time with boys and made up with husband. I even went to mass and spoke to my father back home.  Church was good, and after that we went to a pub, and had a nice family with a good cider. What a change from one day to the next in Mr Grumpy. Didn’t I say best thing when he’s moody is just to leave him alone in his own misery? Still very stressing when you are in it, and I have to be strong to just let him be and not try to get him back to happy land. He even ask for forgiveness for his grumpiness.  It must be God’s doing, because it is hard to Mr G to control himself.

Anyway, i spent an awesome day with boys, slept in the afternoon, did my stretches and read that difficult article.  Talking to my dad, made my day though. We are now planning for him to come and visit. He maybe sad after his wife left him, so sad that he is even asking for mum. Oh life …. full of surprises …


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