Methods challenge: week 2 & 3

It’s official … I have done nothing for two weeks, nothing. I have a great break, thinking of work, but caring so little that I didn’t even bothered to pick up a book. So much fun! Today is the last day of 2016. Only regret that I find record all the fun I’ve had over the last two weeks. Sayonara 2016: you have been good to me!!‚Äč


Methods Challenge: day 5 & 6

Last two nights I went to bed so tired that I hD no time to blog. You’ll think I was tired because I was working, but no, I was tired and sleepy because I was watching TV, Stan, to be precise. No the best use of my time and I hoped that it doesn’t became an habit, because I’d be screwed with all the deadlines and limited time . In reality I am having trouble with continuing work, because I have not received any feedback from supervisors. All that energy and nothing.  Yesterday it was the last day at work for this year! Feeling happy ūüėČ 

I have continued working on my presentation. I am yet to do much with methods and data analysis. Good thing is that I printed a couple of thesis with examples of methodologies that I can use.  Tomorrow I will read those thesis and start thinking of methods.  Hard to progress without any support from supervisors.

At work one of my colleagues got the sack. Terrible way to go, single mum, three children, no income. It makes me realise that the place is really is so unjust and works against women and the marginalised. Terrible place.  This should give me more energy to keep on working on my thesis so I can get out of the public system. I gave her a voucher, so I hope she can buy Xmas presents for her children without worrying about the money.  I was hoping to see her face when she opened up the envelope,  but I left much earlier. Then again, no thank you email? Gee how shallow I can be sometimes.

Methods Challenge: day 5

I was worried today for my laptop computer. You see, yesterday I was trying to use torrents to download a book, but got this notification saying my computer was being attacked by viruses and all my passwords will be stolen. I was supposed to call a certain number to have it all fixed.  As you can guess I was scared, my hard drive died, the desktop was having serious problems and now my laptop was being attacked by viruses! So i turned off computer, disconnected internet and run a virus checker.  Anyway, so far all good. Hope no more problems.

Yesterday I started to work on my presentation, by end of holidays I should have my presentation well underway. Also, I worked on timelines and milestones for the three weeks holidays.  Time is going to go so quickly, more with all the Xmas celebrations. I just hope i find the time for working on PhD.

At work we had the Xmas party, and I said goodbye to my manager. He’s away tomorrow and I won’t be seeing him until first week of January. ¬† I believe that I have somehow clicked with him and we are working very well as a team. I also asked Ale to come with me to the city, the first time he does it. He was a bit scared about coming by himself to the city, but at the end he managed well.

Methods Challenge: day 4

Yesterday I sent an updated copy of confirmation report to supervisors, more that 25,000 words, close to 60 pages … I’ve done it!! I am thinking that about 5,000 words will need to be culled/edited out and another 2,500 words will be added to the methods section. I just wish my supervisors will give me some feedback, I’ve sent three reports so far and no feedback at all, nothing. It is really frustrating when supervisors do not show any interest in your work. ¬†Today at least I started working on presentation, I think that will help me focus on what’s important in my confirmation report.

Today, our CEO left the building so to speak.  I must say that over the past 6-9 months I have been very lucky to have worked under him and my current manager.  Both are man of integrity and professionalism, traits hard to come by nowadays.

My sister-in-law had an operation today, and I was very worried for her and her children. Thanks God all went well and she is recovering at hospital.  Mum is with her, same as Boy 2.  Boy 1 is at home with me, he needs to practice his violin for his solo concert, but what a pain. Poor boy, I am forcing him to prepare for a performance with the elderly musical group.  I think, it is good for him to give some of himself to others, besides he needs to practice his violin.

Still bloody hot, and I got no energy to work on this heat.  Today it reached 34C in the city, but I think inside the house it was almost 40C.  Next week it will be a bit cooler, and maybe I will some more energy to work on my dissertation.








Methods Challenge: day 3

Hot, steamy hot day today. Typical Aussie summer day, but much hotter in our house because we have not much cross ventilation, air conditioning and easy access to outside area. The house inside feels like a sauna. ¬†Good thing is that Xmas parties are on now and we had a chance to go to Oscar’s, where the boys had swim at their pool. Later on we went to posadas and had a good chat with friends from church. ¬†In the afternoon we came home, to a hot house, but thanks to Stan we got to watch a bit of TV until it got a bit cooler.

For work I fixed some of the typos in the introduction section that Super 2 found a weeks ago.  I also managed to add supply chain, post-harvest plus constructs into the document, sort of trying to link the different components.     With this heat it is very difficult to read, concentrate and write.  Tomorrow at work, I may get a chance to work on the confirmation report. I promised that I was going to send an updated copy, so I will send before 4pm tomorrow.

Cuchubal was last night and had a blast. Good food, great wine and fantastic conversation. Comadre is writing short stories and planning her European trip.  She is just a role model as a women and as a mother.  Love being in the cuchubal and having second family. Also, had a great chat with Aussie friend about her plans and dreams for 2017, and funnily enough her plans involved writing a book.  So we have decided to keep track of each others writing.


Methods Challenge: day 2

I can’t believe I am saying this, but yes, it is true I am looking forward to my methods challenge, for the next month or so, life will be how my ‘thesis’ can be proven and what methods I am going to use to prove my new model. ¬†Yes, I am excited because I will finally find the way out of this mess called my dissertation, if in the next few month I can find a way of creating my model, decision on the data collection techniques, deciding on the instrument to capture data, and most important how to collect the data … wouldn’t that be just fantastic!!!

Talking to Sup 3 was reinvigorating. ¬†He gave me some hits and tips, most importantly he explain what a “thesis” from the point of my dissertation. We discuss that my thesis could go along the lines of:¬† “the existing models do not ex plain properly adoption of digital technologies within horticulture supply chain. I proposed to expand on the behavioural model and use TAM as the starting basis, but add three determinants constructs: trust, connectivity and social interactions.¬†My¬†thesis is that: trust, connectivity and social interactions are the key determinants of digital adoption in horticulture supply chains”.

Simple, simple …but it has taken hundreds, hundreds of reports to get here, the same place where i was three months ago, but the difference is that this time I can connect and justify my constructs. I guess that is academia. ¬†So this hot, very hot weekend, ¬†I will be trying to work on this ‘thesis’, while taking boys out swimming or something, shopping, cleaning, going to cuchubal, posada, lunch with friends, etc. ¬†Somewhere there, I will need to find a couple of hours to work on the ‘thesis’ that I am going to sent out on monday, that is the revised version of all my documents joint into one single document. ¬†For now I am going to aquarobics class and coffee with friends. ¬†Let the weekend begin!!

Methods Challenge or Confirmation Challenge?

Today it is the beginning of new challenge, just before the long awaited summer holidays and the long Xmas break. I am going to have three lovely weeks at home with boys, Mr Grumpy, mum and friends. ¬†Yes, many parties, many friends, much food and drink. Xmas it really my favourite time by far. ¬†Yesterday setting up the Xmas tree I almost had a cry, I was so happy with the boys and I thought this is the last Christmas with Boy 1 as a boy, next year he will be a teenager. It brought all the memories of our past Xmas together and I had this feeling, that life would not get any better than this. ¬†Then … the fights started boys could not agree where to put the tree, Mr G was on the phone, I couldn’t work in a messy living room, etc … fights, arguments, screams, tears … our typical Christmas! Anyway after many screams the tree is up, lights are on, nativity set, star up high on the three. ¬†Ya llego la Navidad!

Was I taking about work? Gee how easy it is forgotten when Xmas has arrived. ¬†Still, I am on a roll and I can’t loose focus now. ¬†Must really refine thinking around research, what do I really want to get out of this, publications, methods, best way of data gathering. Good that I will have a chat with Super 3 for a quick feedback session before his operation. I just want, need, love some guidance. ¬†Where to go now? What to do with all the work? ¬†God, God help me!!fiestas-diferentes-australia_tinima20121120_0137_5

NaNoMoWri Challenge: day 30

Last day of this challenge!  It was beautiful and painful while it lasted.  I made it to 25,000 words PhD confirmation report. Academic writing, with references, biography and all.  Difficult concepts, theories, models, plus descriptions of industries and assumptions about problems and possible solutions. I did it.  I an still  amazed how far I have come, from 0 to 25,000!

Over the next few weeks, I will do major rewrite, edits, additions, subtractions, ¬†but at least I got something to work with. Very well aware that my industry analysis and theoretical framework need major rework, but I am ok with that. ¬†Biggest issue is that my supervisors, no feedback at all, I am still going blind here. I may be way off, but how would I know if my supervisors don’t even acknowledge that I exist. ¬†Frustrating. upsetting. getting more upset by the day. On the plus side, tomorrow I will be having coffee with Supervisor 3 tomorrow morning. ¬† He is just back from Japan and out of action for a few months while he is recovering from operation.

Today is 1 December, the beginning of Xmas time. We put the Xmas tree today and some Xmas decorations. Getting into the spirit. I also made a booking to the Gold Coast for a few days just before Xmas … what a deal. We’ll see how it goes.

What’s my challenge for next month? ¬†I need to start working on methods and data analysis. ¬†Should it be methodology month? I need hypothesis, objectives, questions, methods, methodologies, data analysis techniques, etc. ¬†I really don’t much time to complete all methodology as Xmas is sooo busy at our home. I must confess that I go a bit overboard with Xmas. It all starts today with three, tomorrow mass, busy, busy weekend, and all the Xmas parties next weeks. How am I going to have time to prepare. ¬†I think I will do 5,000 words for methods / data analysis / ethics review.

I spoke to lala and she’s ok. Still very unwell, I want her to come and stay with me for at least a fortnight. I hope she’s ok with day. Don’t know what else do to. ¬†God love and compassion.