Confirmation day 30

I promised myself I wasn’t going to be listening to Trumps news, but since his inauguration that’s it is the news. It is a big distraction to my real challenge: I got confirmation in less that a month!! In two weeks I have to handle my confirmation report for review!!! F()k and guess where I am at the moment: having a great holiday in Day Dream Island. Best news no fights so far with Mr G, but plenty of nagging from boys: life is beautiful. 


Confirmation challenge: day 9

The day is slowly arriving, but my supervisors are nowhere to be found. Frustrating. I got the time and they desert me. Boys are w mum, aircon at home and work cruising, perfect time for PhD work, only problem: supervisors MIA!! 

Confirmation challenge: day 6 & 7

I was meant to work over the weekend, but instead I had a relaxing time with the boys.  Fantastic having the cleaners on Sat morning, it made a big difference to my well-being and the family.  Yesterday had a good family day, went to church, had great lunch, went swimming and then Ale cooked dinner. Great weekend! Sadly, no PhD work, it was meant to be a working weekend, but no getting any feedback is killing me softly. More than two months without supervisors guidance is hard. 

Confirmation challenge: day 4

Guess what?! Today was my first day at work for 2017, only one small thing: I wasn’t meant to be here yet!! I guess that’s how much I enjoyed being at home when soo messy. It was good in a way as o felt that I did some confirmation work during the holidays. Today I asked supervisors for feedback yet again, also proposed two dates for confirmation and drafted a research proposal for DAF.  Small wins. As I was writing I realised that I got so much to do in my methods section. This week I will look into other thesis and check on their methodologies.  By the weekend I should have some idea of where I would like to go.

In other equally important matters, I am officially the fattest I have ever been: 70kg!! My goal by end of month to be 68kg.  I will do this by cutting alcohol, reducing lovely pastries, more veggies and eating out much less. I also commit to at least walk 9000 steps and keep the deep water running. Promises to myself. 

Confirmation challenge: day 2

We got aircon!! What a difference it makes to our living. Yesterday I was soo hat I couldn’t even move, and this afternoon I roasted a chicken! I must be grateful to Mr Grumpy as he did the work. 

Tomorrow I am going back to work, to the everyday routine. Great, I am kind of looking forward to it.

Confirmation challenge: day 1

Happy new year! My last post was lost, but it mentioned Mr G moody on New Year’s, the terrible heat, the ‘cerota’ word and my resolution to never cook on New Years while Mr G still with us. Xmas different as I celebrate with the whole family and loved see the happy children and my happy mum.  I don’t do Xmas to celebrate with Mr G, I do Xmas despite Mr G. 

My other equally important resolution is to get confirmed. Confirmed.