Qual Challenge: Day 5

Last night I spent some listening to few vlogs about being PhD student.  They were uplifting – just what I needed – but watching them i realised how much more i need to prepare to be true a PhD Candidate.  To date I have have cruised through the program, my main concern really the lack of proper supervision.  As I continue the research, my own shortcomings start to appear, and I can’t hide behind the lack of supervision for much longer.  It’s to be, it is up to me.  That’s hard to comprehend, harder to accept, hardest to practice.  I came across a few articles on part-time Phd, and it’s given my inspiration as I can see other people have completed their studies.  They all say the same, it is not easy but it can be done and at the end it is very rewarding.  We’ll see.  Tara mentions that for PhD you need to have a personal objectives, strategy and timing.  So, I think that my personal objectives are: 1) I want to be called a Dr and be an example to my refugee community; 2) I want a second career after the public sector and work internationally; 3) I want to publish and write a book; and 4) I want all this sacrifice now (time away from children, family, work) to pay off.  Those are the objectives, as the journal progresses some may change and/or evolve.  Later on I will be working on the strategies to reach the objectives and later I will give it a time.  Thanks Tara.

Today I am going to take it a bit easy.  I may just identify specific names and contact details for respondents.   I will wait until Monday for updating with feedback from Sup Great.  I am thinking I will only interview 15 – 18 people and I will need at least 8 days.  I’ll see how that goes.  Last night I prepared a list of the type of respondents likely to participate in my in-depths interviews.  Should I travel to Korea or at least try to contact the Korean importer?   Anyway, I was saying today I will be a soccer mum – washing uniforms, taking Ale to games and preparing a nice warm dinner.  It’s lovely to be a full-time mum from time to time.



2 thoughts on “Qual Challenge: Day 5

  1. I clicked through to your blog after seeing your comment on the part-time PhD post. I’ll have to read through your post history! I’ve considered starting a blog myself – I’m at Masters level so far (part time, working full time) and want to go onto a PhD eventually. It’s good to read about other fellow student experiences. It’s so important that you get engaged and present supervisors, and it really sounds like yours are not so engaged in your research. Does your Uni allow you to change supervisors? If you have three supervisors (from what I’ve read so far on your blog) are you able to have a primary supervisor and then a secondary one that’s new to supervising and therefore possibly under less work load – therefore able to dedicate more time to you? All the best for your research.


    • Thanks for reading. After much suffering, I got an external supervisor who is very engaged. I got a new internal supervisor, after my previous one just dropped me. It has been a long and difficult process for me, but talking to other students it seems that it is the ‘norm’. Good luck with your work.


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