Interview challenge: day 11

Got another appointment today, this time largest transport company. Happy about that. Still waiting for seafreighter and irradiation. Also asked colleague to make appointment with growers. So far 6 interviews confirmed, 4 waiting response, 4 colleague, plus 4 still to be determined. Not bad effort. I did some lit research on the technologies and found some good articles.

Later I got an email with my ex-supervisor name and her new title, professor  / Director of agriculture, it made me upset to know how high she’s gone thanks in part to my help when she didn’t have contacts. Still hurt about her dropping me as a PhD student.  I can’t understand my anger, it was all for the bettter at the end: I am in a good position right now, got great project, awesome external supervisor, advanced in research, but still I am upset and unable forgive her. Only with God’s help I could move on.

Cuchubal tonight and Tomorrow Father’s Day! Busy, nice weekend. PhD work: read the three articles and take notes.


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