Interview challenge: day 12

This interview challenge will last more than 30 days.  If I am to conduct 15-18 interviews total, I really need more than 1 month to complete.  Worrying given that I have a full time job, 10 days road trip down south and maybe travelling to Northern Australia.  In total I only  have 8 days for the sessions.  Anyway,  I’ll do what needs to be done.   Good I have another interview booked, maybe two.  That means that I have 7 confirmed, 1 almost confirmed.  Ten interviews still up in the air: waiting for 3 responses, introductions to 3, plus researcher to book 4 farmers.  As the time progresses, my stress levels are increasing.  I think I may explode.  This trip to Sydney is putting extra pressure too, as just thinking about the driving is making me anxious. My neck / shoulders are giving me brief, so went for a quick massage, but still not feeling ok.

By the way I am doing the on-line basic introduction to agriculture, I have found it very useful as I never had any formal training in farming before.  The format is excellent and the presenter has prepared the material really well.  Only issue is that because I was sick for around 2 weeks, I didn’t follow the set timeframes, so I am catching up.  The course finishes in two days.

Last night had a great time with friends, good food and cold cider.  Today had a good fathers day at home, just being confy with children and hubby.  Boy 2 got lovely card and boy 1 did a violin recital. Felt almost jealous.  Despite all our dramas, ups and downs, we are still here celebrating another fathers day together.  At times I dream of freedom, but today was a beautiful day with the lovely men in my life.  We are an ok family after all.


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