Interview challenge: day 14

Gosh two weeks into my challenge and I haven’t done 1 interview yet. Today I read one article, enquired about transcripts and had chat with friend from NT government.  A bit of progress, I guess.  However, I am yet to practice my interview techniques. Should I ask Indian for help?  I booked a room for my interview at my building because I can’t think of a quiet place in the city. I also need to get my technology and paper work: voice recorder, probs, information sheet, consent form and interview questions. 

Today I got a call from my sister in law mom, that my mother had breast tumour. I got worried not so much for the so-called tumour, but for her memory.  Worst the doctors couldn’t tell me anything about her because of privacy, and she can’t authorise for me to speak on her behalf because she forgets to ask. Catch 22. She was supposed to be at at doctors this afternoon, but she forgot to go. Then she told people that hubby was picking her up, after she told us she wouldn’t need to come home till February next year!!  She is getting frustrating and tiring, but this is just the beginning, going downhill from here to the cruel end. I’ll see her in about a few weeks, hopefully by then this breast tumour drama is solved or treated. 


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