Interview challenge: day 15

My mum’s tumour drama continued today. Got a phone call from her doctor, no, the doctor does not think mum got a tumour given her medical history. She has a broken rib, which has given her so much pain. The doctor is still going to send her to do breast cancer screening just to be on the safe side. Thank you Lord. Sad is that mum’s memory is going. She had been talking for days about the same thing: get a document signed even though it was already signed in early August. Better finish this PhD soon so she can see me graduate and still recognise me.  How I love my poor mum, and I just hope her last days are not that painful.  I hope my boys keep inside the good memory of her as a happy, hard working and loving Lala. I am so angry, sad and scared that this is happening to her, to us, after all we have suffered.  This is her time, the time to enjoy her hard work, but her brain has failed her, just like many people in her life have failed, including probably me. Sad.

I conducted an interview today. At first I thought it would only be a pilot test, but the discussion was so good and the answers quite insightful that I will ask for consent to be used in the research. Did some reading of journal articles on technologies to measure consignment conditions. Booked the room for my first industry interview. I also modified slightly my interview questions and sent the final draft to my supervisors.  Tomorrow morning I’ll email me and print consent form and project information. Well, it’s happening: the real interview challenge starts tomorrow. I think I am as ready as I’m ever going to be. Very anxious, but glad the time has come.

BTW, I am having a chat with the Graduate School of another university, plus one of the recently graduated PhD students. I am considering changing unis, if the price is right. Still early stages, but if it happens it will be after I finish the interviews and transcription of discussion.  That one I will leave in God’s hands.  I’ll do whatever is necessary to move, if conditions are ready right for me, but will not be attached to the outcome.



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