Interview challenge: day 16

Had another interview today. Felt a bit anxious at the beginning worse when the subject had little knowledge of the technologies.  However, as the interview preogressed, the discussion got easier. Good thing is that the questions could be adapted. So still managed to get about 60mins of recording. I felt that my interview technique could be improved immensely, at times I felt trapped and didn’t know how to keep the conversation going. Must have a definition for what I am asking.  In real life people may not know what ‘digital agriculture’ is, I guess that in itself is an outcome of the research. Interview for tomorrow cancelled, but not worried about it as I can reschedule.

Good thing after my chat with other university is that I don’t have to pay for fees. Also I can transfer at level. I should start organising the paper work as the end of October is the last day to apply.  There is a lot of paper work, starting with an Academic  CV, plus letters of support, previous marks, etc. I am a bit concerned about the uni, but more prestigious and with access to resources and contacts.  Way more rigorous too, so harder to graduate, harder to complete.  Better academic at the end?

Tomorrow, I’ll make the appointment with supermarket, check all my bookings for next week, plus transcribe today’s interview.  I am thinking what when i get to the capital city, maybe i should go an interview some people at CSIRO?  They are doing the most up-to-date research in digital agriculture.  Must talk to my supervisors.

No news yet on the job and my application. It’s two weeks after my interview, chances is that I don’t do well enough in the interview and didn’t get the role. Calm, calm mamita. God always knows what’s best.



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