Interview challenge: day 17

No interview today, my interviewee had to go to a funeral in NQ, and will likely reschedule for late September.  I am contemplating asking her for help with growers, as no much luck yet locating growers that may be interested in participating in the study.  Granted I have not approached one yet, but will do after a couple more interviews.   I tried to contact retailer plus IT provider, we’ll see if I get a response.

I had I good old chat with with supervisors, who commented in lack of enunciation when talking. He is deaf of one hear and finds it hard to understand my accent, also I speak to fast with high pitch.  I was taken aback by his comment, but was not offended as I do think he is right, and I need to work on my pronunciation and slow down when talking. Anyway, we were taking about the preliminary research and had a discussion on what people were saying and how that related to my thesis.  I was asked to go back to my basic model, so I don’t get lost with all the data. Good idea I think. I will read again on model and come up with a good definition for trust.  Maybe I am working on this as a project again, forgetting this is all about academic research and theories are paramount.  Still so much to learn.

On a positive note, I am on holidays from today. Got three weeks to concentrate on my studies and family. Got 10 days straight for PhD research, a luxury for a part-time student. Got 12 days of blissful holidays with the boys, visiting some of the most beautiful parts in the country, a big drive.  On the way, I am sure I’ll be reading, thinking, listening to the interview – I will have 7 recordings – and exploring how to integrate it all.  There will be 11 days holidays, with lost of PhD work in the middle.  I just wish I could stop and talk to someone in Canberra with expertise in horticulture and digital agriculture.

By the way, before leaving on leave I asked my boss about the outcome of my job interview, but could not tell me because an interview panel member was in hospital and she hadn’t finished her scoring. So more waiting at least another 3 weeks until I am back from leave. What a pain! He gave me a small hint in the positive, but nothing concrete.



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