Interview challenge: day 20

Feeling over the moon right now! I GOT THE JOB! Yes, just got a letter of offer: permanent A07, meaning a made it to the +$100k club. It took me almost 14 years to get this far, some people get here in a couple of years, but me working part-time, funny accent brown skin, I just had to put that bit more of extra effort. Also, as always you need to have someone who can give you a hint when there is an opening, for me it was one of my ex-bosses who suggested I applied for this role, just to gain high level experience. Thanks KC, your advice was so valuable, and thanks to my current boss, colleagues, family who have provided so much support. Thank you Lord, you have responded to my prayers. I will cherish this opportunity and share the fruits of my labour. The role is demanding, but ‘enjoyable’. Enjoy the pain. Feeling very grateful.

As for the interviews, it has gone so well so far. Today’s interview was an eye opener. Plenty of good information. With my interviews yesterday got what I wanted: an invite to North Queensland, plus ok to run surveys with the industry database. The need to visit a DC plus Qantas terminals very important after today’s interviews. I hope I van get an introduction to a QC in Brisbane. Tomorrow off to the Sunshine Coast. My little boy is going camping tomorrow morning, must pack up today.



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