Xmas Break: day 4

Had a lovely time with my brother. starting a new transcrition. falling sleep. kee/p it real.


Break: day 2 & 3

Yesterday had belated Xmas breakfast with Comadre plus Xmas party with church group. More good food and catch up with friends.  We are blessed with having such a variety of friends. The church group is made up of family with young kids and our boys always have fun in our gatherings.

Our food truck still is dissapeared, with no chance of ever finding it. Hubby seems to be too depressed to even look for it. No insurance!!

We are taking mum back to her city. I am actually glad she is going to be in her house soon.  She gets too stressed and her anxiety really gets bad. Peace.  Her anxiety is contagious and pretty soon we are all walking on shells. 

Today has been a lazy day, with some washing up and moving furniture.  Starting to plan the next year. 

Xmas break – day 1

I am giving myself a week off to enjoy Xmas break guilt free.  Yesterday we had Noche Buena celebration with kids, extended family and friends. I thought last year was the best, but I can honestly say: this was the best Xmas so far. My cooking was amazing, good wine, desserts, etc. Didn’t fight with hubby about setting up, he without knowing set up downstairs as I was busy setting up downstairs. One of our friends couldn’t do stairs so had to have party in the lower floors anyway. It was good to be with mum, I think dementia may take hold of her this year, so it was good that she got to celebrate with her grandkids again.  Kids love their presents. Boy 1 gave me a boy and boy 2 a dancing game. My children really know me: reading and dancing!! 

Only terrible thing is that our food trolley got stolen. Who steals on Xmas day? Funny that I wanted to get rid off it, but no this way. No insurance. More than $25,000 gone, just like that. Painful. 

Anyway, Merry Xmas. May baby Jesus bring love, health and prosperity.

Transcript challenge: last chance 

So many great parties and get together as, Xmas shopping, food and drink over the last few days. I can’t believe it has been a week of my two weeks holidays and I haven’t finished one more blood transcrip, no one. I’ve had fun for sure, life has been good and there are still a few more party days to go. I also had a great interview on Tuesday, a good chat with supervisor and almost 75% of one transcript, progress of sorts. 

Main challenge is managing all the family commitments: still working  on mums mortgage application, had to go to her town to pick her up, play dates for kids, Santa stuff with them, and now in hospital with buddy. I was not expecting to be stuck in the hospital today, but it was my choice to be with him. He is his usual self when stressed: all drama queen. 

Tomorrow is eve of Xmas Eve! More parties!! 

Transcript challenge: day 29

Tomorrow is the last day of this challenge and boy did I miss the mark?! I am still to do almost half of my transcripts!! How am I going to do with all the Xmas parties? I am hosting or going to a party almost everyday for the next two weeks!!  Well is part of the family tradition to make a big deal this time of the year and we all just love it! What’s the point of finishing transcripts if no Xmas?  

Today is my last day at work for the year, got the Xmas party and desk clean up. It has been a great year, I am very grateful to God and my colleagues for a fantasy time. It went fast because I was having fun, I just hope it continues this way. Also, thank God because I got a permanent position. God is great, I am a believer despite my at times disdain for the church?

I may have a few days of transcripts and a few break days. 

Transcript challenge: day 27

Had chat with supervisor, meeting with project partner and prepared a presentation on my research, productive day me thinks. Only small detail no work on transcript work. In the evening I watched this documentary on institutional child abuse, heart breaking.  Tomorrow got to give presentation. 

Transcript Challenge: day 24, 25 & 26

I have done 11 transcripts, I may even complete two more this week. Transcription has been very hard, but I am slowly getting there. I am not sure whether I could finish the 20 by the weekend. I was definitely too optimistic when I thought i could start doing analysis next week, the week before Xmas. Usually at work in January it is very slow, so good timing to do analysis. But sadly, not this year. New government was just elected on the weekend, today new minister. Tomorrow lots of travelling. So no chance to do analysis in January. Somehow I must make the time to start the analysis, if not by this weekend, at least by next Tuesday. Gee I will have to simultaneously do, transcribing and analysis, i am to go anywhere. Party time is just starting, already too busy on weekends.