Get me out of here!

I am sick of married life. The drama, the screams, the putting down. Can’t take it. I know hubby is in pain, but does he have to be a pain? I feel like we survived cancer, but the cancer killed our marriage. Correction: hubby’s sickness brought up the ills in our relationship, and the inevitable happened, I got sick of him.

Just yesterday he had the nerve to tell me that he would send my little boy away! That we should send him to my mums because he can’t deal with a 9 y/o boy! WTF? That’s the acaboso, sorry . Way too much for me. A man who spends up to 10hours taking to his FB friends, telling me that my little boy does not have a purpose. You tell me if I shouldn’t send him packing? A friend told me that he wants to leave me, get custody and for me to support him! Have you got no shame man?

I am depressed today. He is draining me financially and emotionally. Better do my yoga now and get back to ME. PhD work tomorrow. Breathe.


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