Scales challenge: day 1


Faith in humanity restored! I got a call from uni that my USB was found and left in the library, my little cow is back. Tomorrow I will pick up. Also, I managed to arrange an appointment with an e-survey expert to start the setting up of the survey. Granted I am still working on scales, but tomorrow may be the only time I can discuss with someone the technical aspects of the survey. Scales maybe harder to define as my constructs have expanded. I may be able to have the first go at scales by end of next week. God willing.

Tomorrow I am going to two funerals, one at church, the other one at a political rally of sorts. Two different funerals for two very different men. Last week I went to another funeral of a good friend. So much death in such a short time. 3 out of 3, hubby was lucky this time. Life at home has calmed down. No drama for a couple of days. Now I am even laughing at hubby’s idea of moving for a few months to a farm in Argentina to be closer to nature and look after horses. It wasn’t funny when he first told me at 2am in the morning, but now it will be one of those legendary stories that I am going to tell for a long time.

I did my hair today and is looking great. Feeling good with myself. Getting ready for quinceañera party on Saturday. Maybe because at 1am today I submitted three reports to supervisors. Ok, I think I’m ready to go to work and ready to get back to more challenges.

Ahh I forgot to mention that I am going to have a test to rule out cancer. Yes, ME with cancer. That I wasn’t expecting. The yoke is on me.


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