Day 1: University gratitude challenge

It was a scary day, the beginning of one of the hardest challenges I have gotten myself into: start writing my thesis. I finally after weeks of procrastination I logged on my uni account and completed my induction quiz.  I also booked myself into a few seminars. Amazingly, one of the many emails was an invitation to go for the Bridge to Brisbane run. I registered to represent the uni, but I had no realised until to late that the invitation was for the 10 kms run!  Coincidence? So in the next month I will push myself to get to run/walk my first ever 10kms and complete the first chapter of my thesis! All while looking after a young family and working full time! Glad that I am doing a gratitude challenge and with joy in our hearts we can accomplish anything!


Day 29: gratitude fitness challenge

Once again busy day at work, but this time I disappeared for a while to get a massage. So grateful for that.  Mr X has been very busy today cooking for tomorrow’s big party. They are expecting more than 100 people, hopefully all that arguing with the committee members will pay off.  We couldn’t go for our walk with Mr X so I played good techno in my I-phone and got to dance.  So grateful I got to my 10.000 steps with the good old techno music. 

Day 16 & 17: gratitude fitness challenge 

Saturday was a busy day, but I was lucky I went for a 4km walk, with a bit of running. During the day I was frantic preparing for our weekend guests. We had a couple from China staying for one night. Our German guest looked after the boys and finally we had a change to go dancing. So grateful for the chance to go for the walk and for all the dancing.  Today, was a terrible day for fitness, no morning walk (we came home at 2am!), no exercise and way too much food with friends and family. So grateful for those lovely off days!

Day 15: fitness gratitude challenge 

Today was a good day for fitness and I am so grateful for that. It all started in the morning when I didn’t want to go for my walk, it was foggy, wet and cold.  I was making excuses, trying to justify why staying in bed was the best option. But, at the end we walked! During lunch time I went to the yoga class, funny it wasn’t just a yoga class it was a meditation class, chants and all.  My body wasn’t ready for it and my mind kept going wandering. I am convincing my colleagues to go once a week. In the evening I did my light weight exercises. I got to 10,000 steps. 

Day 10: Gratitude fitness challenge

Fitness went out the window this Sunday. Still went for my usual walk, but food, friends and more food after that. Even got to each ice cream,  twice. My bad. Got almost to 9,000 steps.  Mr X still grumpy,so in the morning I went to walk by myself. At night we managed to put on a good front and hosted our international guest.  Funny to see how the Scandinavian, German and Argentinian interacted with each other and hearing their own experiences.

Day 8: gratitude fitness challenge 

Shhhhhh! It is cold, freezing, artic freezing. And yet, we went for our daily walk. Gee, this time we almost run, it was that cold. The coldest day in Queensland in 30 years. So grateful that we somehow managed to get up and went for a week. Today I applied for the Company Director’s Schollarship.  My application was not up to the high standard needed to be awarded the Schollarship, but at least I had a go. Importantly, I realised how much more experience I need at the executive level to be seriously considered for high level programs.  Good on me. So grateful that I took s risk and applied. Who knows what may come out of this experience.  Ahhh … I almost forgot I have only walked 8,000 steps, but I am going out later tonight, maybe do some dancing and go well over 10,000 steps. 

Day 7: fitness gratitude challenge

This morning my bed whispered ‘stay inside the warm blankets’, and I did! No walking this morning with Mr X, he had a meeting with tradesman early on, so no chance of going for our daily walk. Luckily  for me, I did walk the 3kms from my boy’s school to the office.  Fitness challenge saved! At work it had its ups and downs, going around in circles, chasing flying pigs. In the evening we went to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant, after eating Mr X reminded me of our commitment to walking together, so we did. Got to over 11,000 steps. So grateful that Mr X reminded me to keep our commitment and grateful that my body went for it. 

Day 6: Fitness gratitude challenge

Today was the coldest day of the year! It got to 5C, but felt more like 2C in the morning. Amazing that we managed to get up and went for our daily walk. So grateful that Mr X was happy enough to go and made me do it too. Work was ok with plenty of interesting meetings and great project ideas. I even got to park in the city and could walk to the office. Grateful that Mr X prepared a nice meal for the boys and I got to eat nice steamed veggies.  Grateful that I have my little dinosaur sleeping next to me in this cold winter night. Best thing: I got my 10.000 steps again! 

Day 4: fitness gratitude challenge 

Today was a beautiful day. Got up with energy for our daily walk and this time we got to 2.5km. We also had a long chat about healthy eating and came to a happy agreement: 1 – 2 vegetarian meals a week. Small steps, lasting rewards.  I managed to get to my 10,000 steps combining walk, shopping and a bit of X-box.  It has been 15 days since we started the morning walks. See what happens now that the boys are back in school and I am working again. My short term goal is to get to 21 days non-stop walking, medium term goal is to loose 5kgs and long term goal is to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Reflecting on where I am at the moment, I feel that life in general is all good. The only thing that really bothers me is this feeling of guilt that I have not done any school work. God has given this incredible gift of being admitted to complete my PhD with excellent professors and the world is my oyster, but I am stuck. I must present my first progress report in the next two weeks. Gosh time has done quickly and I don’t even have a topic yet. Need some energy. Feeling old to study again. Need to work harder in the next two weeks. Walking will help,it  can only help me getting out of this impasse. I wonder whether I need to start a uni gratitude challenge?


Day 3: fitness gratitude challenge

Today was a quiet family day.  Morning went for our daily walk, beautiful but very windy morning. I prepared a nice casserole take to our bible group session.  We got to mass a bit late, but it was still nice to be around our community again.  The Colombians had their day today, so many new people at church.  Later on in our own bible group we had a very strong discussion about homosexuality.  The group still sees it as a sin, while I see their intolerance as the real sin. After the meeting one of our members told me later on than his own son is gay and even though he loves him, he will do anything to make him ‘normal’.  I was very disappointing that such a nice person, had this burden in his soul that would not let him enjoy his own child.  I am grateful that he could confide in me and I could see his pain.  I told that the real miracle won’t be that his boy changes, but the miracle will be him changing and accepting his boy as a normal human being.

When we got home we played for a while with the boys, as I was trying to make the 10,000 steps. My older boy was trying to help and he has appointed himself as my new ‘coach’ and help me to get to 9,300 steps. Given the cold weather outside, I am happy with being this close to 10,000. I am grateful for a wake up call, this morning I weighed myself and I am almost 70kg, the heaviest I have ever been. This was scary, I have always being around 60kgs, and even when I was pregnant I only got to 68kg. So thank you for scaring the hell out of me and making me want to go for a walk again.