Procrastination challenge: day 30

After reading one of the blogs  on time management in wordpress I came across the book: “The 8-minute writing habit” by Monica Leonelle. As I knew I wouldn’t have time to sit down and read it I got in audio.  Great book with lots of small writing gems.  Well, as always consistency triumphs over everything else.  You only have to do 8 minutes every day, until you get in the habit and can become a writer.  The book is more for people who want to do writing as a profession, but for me over the next 3 years or so, writing will be my profession.  Anyway, after i finish this procrastination challenge, I will start the 8-minute thesis writing challenge.

In the meantime, life with all its drama is happening.  Birthday party for my little boy still undecided because the teacher forgot to give the invites out.  My pre-teen boy, is just a bit of a pain lately, moody and just got a C in math, a C?! Mum is feeling very sick, the dementia (finally, i wrote it), is slowly creeping up, main signs: anxiety and lack of sleep.  She is new medication now, but I can sense her sadness. She is a nurse and sadly knows what to expect. She can see now her deterioration.  She has been trying to hide it, i think that’s why she has refused to come and stay with us. She knows she is loosing it and is too embarrassed to tell people.  My mum, always such a proud and strong woman, she is becoming this fragile little old lady.  I am so sad for her. My heart breaks for her. Oh mum how much i love and wish i could help you.

As i said, drama gets in the way of a PhD. Work as chaotic as ever.  Maybe a should rename this blog?  “Dramatic PhD writing – mature student with young kid, teenager boy, crazy husband, dementia mother, chaotic workplace and so on”. Gee all those kids that only have to worry about going to uni and reading those damn papers with soon realise how easier they have it 🙂

Getting back to PhD.  I am almost finished one of the models, a few more hours to work on it.   On the weekend, I plan to try to do two more models. I must have something for my supervisors for next week, I am meeting them next Wednesday or Thursday.  Maybe Thursday will be a good day to meet.  Got to have at least 3,000 words to provide.  A bit worried that my confirmation date has not been accepted. Also worried that the Department won’t let me be in the project.  One thing at a time.



Procrastination challenge: day 19

What happened to my post?  I just wanted to updated you in my latest supervisor drama: I found a new external supervisor! A leading researcher in horticulture and a great scientist, but most importantly an awesome guy. I have the A team now, the weakest team member is me!!!   I am even grateful that R dropped me. How life sometimes gives you what you think maybe lemons, but are really gems instead.  Thanks God. Gracias  Dios, pedí y me respondiste. So today I must really get to read those  TAM models and tomorrow work on  existing references. Can’t forget about my little kids, so I have to B1 to soccer and get B2 to swimming and organise birthday party. Plus washing, plus uniforms, plus homework. Life always gets in the way of studies.



Procrastination challenge: day 18

Yesterday was such a busy, but productive day. Did my hair, went to dentist, got new reading glasses and even cooked for the family.

But the best thing that happened to me was that I got a co-supervisor! Lui got me in the program in the first place and now he seemed to be ok with new project. I am still disappointed that my other supervisor left me without saying good-bye. Who knows? This maybe the best way of me getting into my PhD and working towards it, a supervisor who supervises!!

I’ll be meeting them back in two weeks, continuing with confirmation report and looking at other models.

Happy? Yes, Scared? You bet!

Procrastination challenge: day 12

This morning was a shocker: I found out that I dint emailed me the latest copy of my report! All that work over the last two days is locked away safe at work in the office.  So, to pass the time I started to play with my new external hard drive and moving files around for ease of access: big, BIG mistake. I lost my endnotes files!! All my rwferecences and citations gone. But gone where? I don’t remember deleting any files? My heart sank, I was cool, but realising what that meant: days and days of extra work.  I looked around and nothing. So I went to the source of all wisdom: I prayed

, I begged, I promised. Anyway resigned to my luck I went back to my document and started to work on the text. Then, I thought, what about if I tried to open my biography from the references in the document? And guess what? It worked!! I got my endnotes library back: God is good.  After that, my heart hasn’t stopped beating fast and I am yet to calm down. Learnings from this experience: don’t play with your fIles, backup, and be grateful to God.

Procrastination challenge: day 11

How fast the days when you have a deadline looming! Next Tuesday I am presenting my supervisor my new topic and area of interest. It’s more specific and manageable for me. Still horticulture, still technology, but new spin: digital disruption! Anyway, I feel overwhelmed by all the work I have to do. Still no justification, no model, no methods, no subject samples … ideas on paper only.  Today, I will do a bit of work. Got up in the morning did my yoga stretches, watched a video on e-farming and file most of my printed articles. Small wins. Got more papers to print, read, file, end-note.

Sometimes I wonder if all is worth it. Don’t know. Doubts are on my mind. I know I can do it, what I am not sure it’s whether I gave the discipline to do it.

today I bought my first ever hard drive, $99 it cost me. Part of Sara management. I will then learn how to use and hopefully will use it regularly.

For my report, I wrote the abstract and kind of started working on the methods. The more I get into this, the more scared I get. See how this weekend goes.


gran Nietzsche! I left my docs st work and the email wasn’t sent. All that work lost!

Procrastination challenge – Day 7

Last night I wrote up a few more words in my confirmation report and felt good to have advanced a little. Still no enough, but almost 800 words more than where I was a few weeks ago. Went to bed after midnight. The thing with writing is that you must be in the ‘zone’ and it takes a few hours to get there, but once you are there you must use it!  It took me longer to write up just 100 words, because of computer problems I lost my work from Thursday, very dissapounting, but I guess that’s just life as a student. Had to redo that section. I showed some grit, because my initial feelings were to give up and watch the Saturday movie, but I just moved on and kept working. Also thanks to Mr G who found a mouse and tried to fix computer.

This morning I woke up at 6am, did my yoga stretches and went for 20min walk. Two challenges accomplished before 7am: the 5am challenge (6am for Sunday) and a walk.

Today we have a very busy family day: church morning, party afternoon and Cuchubal at night. When will I have time to write? Let you know tomorrow.