Transcript challenge: day 10

I am ready for a bigger stage, that’s it!! I am listening to the video on rules of success by Mel Robbins,  one of her ‘rules’ is: “set your goals high”.  And gee I do have big dreams.  Sot big it is almost embarrassing: I want to complete a PhD, while working full time in a very stressful job, bringing up two children, dealing with a parent with dementia, and trying to stay married.  Each one of those tasks is hard enough on their own, but trying to juggle them at the same time in one life time is just crazy.  Who am I to think this big?

I am not that much into the American positivism self-help culture, but from time to time, I need to be reminded that i am not doing this by mistake, there is a reason i am waking up at 4am to do transcripts and go to bed late at night reading journals, I want to complete my PhD, because that’s my dream and it has a great value to me.


Transcript challenge: day 9

My colleague didn’t go to work today, she didn’t even called in sick, I had to send her an msg to check on her. Is this all part of the drama? I wonder what would be like tomorrow when we are back at the office working in the procedures. Brace for the worst. 

It was a transcript day today. Far out I didn’t realise that interview was more than 90mins!! I will spend at least 10 hours typing it up. Will I have time to complete tomorrow?

The day after the yes win and the Soccer a bit of an emotional hangover. Still dealing with mums contract and stuff. 

Transcript challenge: day 8

Today is a good day to be an Aussie, even an adopted Aussie: the yes campaign won and the Soccer team is off to Rusia. Feeling ecstatic, relieved, happy. At work it was just ok, my colleague didn’t go to work as was feeling sick. I hope she is ok, and yerterdays drama has not affected her that much. 

Today I continued my transcript work, eyes and neck are sore.  Also, got a msg from CSIRO head of innovation. For some reason a few of my contacts have not got back to me, still waiting. On one hand, I do want a few more interviews, but on the other hand I don’t want any more transcripts. Catch 22.

Went to see boy 1 violin recital, beautiful as always. Lovely to see the boys in grade 12 playing so amazing. Good to see my boy too. 


Transcript challenge: day 7

Just what a needed, drama at work! At work as part of an auditing program we are reviewing the process and procedures.  We have been working of them for a few weeks, and are getting very close to completion.  My boss asked me to have a final look before giving to him for approval.  So, I used my experienced and made changes to the documents, but gee my colleague went all psycho on me, screaming, making noises, hitting the desk, getting all worked out, because I changed the wording in a few places, here and there. Ohhh FFS!  Yes I know she is very good at what she does and that’s by our organization puts up with her, but gee … all that drama is tiring!  I am dreading going to work tomorrow, and just waiting to see how crazy she’ll go when she sees the my other changes.  Should I just wait and laugh? or Should I tell my boss that I find that behavior inappropriate?  She is good, and I don’t really want to upset for the sake of it, but she must also respect that I can add value to the group too.

In other matters I completed one more transcript,  yippee.  Starting on another one at work today, plus working on one at home tonight.  This tedious tasks continues.

drama queen


Transcript Challenge: day 6

Got good news at work I got approval for study leave for 1/2 day fortnight. All thanks to my manager, very grateful to him, so glad I changed teams.  This means a lot as I don’t have to take taxis anymore to try to get into the office before 11am and have time to see supervisors and get to check out the campus, talk to colleagues, go to library, etc.

Also almost finished one transcript today, it took me almost the whole day to type out 30mins, at this stage I will finish in 10 years. Must try to get a couple of hundred dollars to pay for transcripts. 

Boy 2 got academic detention for not doing one assignment. How to deal with that? 

Transcript challenge: day 5

Spent the day watching tv and resting.  Last night we went to this amazing 18th birthday party. We had ate, drunk, played, danced in short we had fun, family fun, TVs best fun of all Latino FUN!!  Our compadres are amazing and have an amazing family.  We are so blessed to have them as friends. 

Made up with hubby, he thinks that u am planning to leave him or something like that. Crazy, eh? We got too many debts for me to go out on my own.  He has started going to the psychologist, hopefully he’s getting better. 

No PhD work today. 

Transcript challenge: day 4

Yesterday I did another interview, this time with a firm doing certifications and product quality monitoring. Great interview. Meaning no time for much transcription work.

In the arvo I went to see both of my boys in their music concert, keyboard boy 1 and violin boy 2. Takes for ever to practice, but always worth it when you see them perform in public. Well done boys and mum.

At work I am dissapointed that all the work putting together one of the initiatives and giving it some rigour was disregarded. People didn’t even bother to read my comments. They went ahead and announced what they wanted to do anyway. I felt betrayed, why would they ask for feedback if they didn’t even were going to read it? Why would they asked me to work on it, if they were not going to include it? I feel such a lack of respect for staff. Then, they wonder why people are so happy after they fall. And fall they will. Karma is a bitch and revenge is best served cold, that’s the sayings anyway. At the end nothing will change. It’s not a big deal, and besides my bruised ego, no much harm done. They can keep their little initiative, my hands are clean because I won’t be associated with all its future problems, and there will be many. Breath, process and be happy.

Transcript challenge: day 3

Another transcript completed, but it was hard going. Starting another one today. Forgot to say that I haven’t spoken to hubby for a few days, I am upset because he had no time to help with mums issues, and spending most of his time in that FB group. I find it difficult to understand how someone can waste so much time in something so useless such as supporting a politician or a political party. Hubby has this group with close to 100K followers, most of them stupid supporters, being the leader of stupid people is nothing to be proud of in my opinion.

Transcript challenge: day 2

Only did some a couple of hours to work, which in transcribing language is only a few minutes of end product.  Yes, long, arduous process and that’s only my second interview.  I may go crazy for my 10th interview.  Still as they say I must know my data back to front and i think by the end of each job, i find something different about my work.  Yesterday was that some industries have a ‘technologist’ on board, i had totally forgotten about that.  No response yet about my potential growers to interview.  This is quite frustrating and I am thinking, it would be very difficult to get enough responses for my survey.

On another note i apply for study leave once a fortnight at work through our SARAS system, my boss is supportive, but it needs to go all the way to the deputy CEO.  We’ll see how that goes.  Also, my defacto comadre didn’t get the job, very upsetting as they change the rules of the game, after they had the interview, quite unprofessional to be treating people that  way.  I just hope they have their day under the sun too.

No response from mum’s lawyer so far.  I sent those docs on Monday, today is Thursday.  waiting.

Now must get back to the mind numbing transcription job.



Transcript challenge: day 1

This is hard, boring and tedious just like my supervisor said.   But i guess given my very low budget of ‘0’,  I cannot be spending money on paying a transcriber.  On the other hand, I am a very expensive transcriber if paid by the hour!! So this is how I see it, if i am paying the cleaning lady $100 per 4 hours of work, maybe i should pay the transcriber for 6 hours of work $100 too?  Anyway, we’ll see how it go around day 16, if no much progress I must just have to bite the bullet and pay to have at least 6 – 8 transcribed.

I completed one transcription, it was one of my colleagues and it only lasted about 36mins, it took me three days to do it. I am more than half way on another one, but again it has taken a few attempts.

And this is the easy part …

On a happy note, yesterday it was Melbourne cup day and had fun at work plus a glass of champagne with my peers.  Work despite all my constant criticism is going well, and thanks to my supervisor I may even get study leave.  Given how quiet it is, i can spend about 1-2 hours doing transcriptions at work, I guess a luxury given how busy we can get once government is back in action.  Let’s have a glass of vino for the down times.