Procrastination challenge – Day 7

Last night I wrote up a few more words in my confirmation report and felt good to have advanced a little. Still no enough, but almost 800 words more than where I was a few weeks ago. Went to bed after midnight. The thing with writing is that you must be in the ‘zone’ and it takes a few hours to get there, but once you are there you must use it!  It took me longer to write up just 100 words, because of computer problems I lost my work from Thursday, very dissapounting, but I guess that’s just life as a student. Had to redo that section. I showed some grit, because my initial feelings were to give up and watch the Saturday movie, but I just moved on and kept working. Also thanks to Mr G who found a mouse and tried to fix computer.

This morning I woke up at 6am, did my yoga stretches and went for 20min walk. Two challenges accomplished before 7am: the 5am challenge (6am for Sunday) and a walk.

Today we have a very busy family day: church morning, party afternoon and Cuchubal at night. When will I have time to write? Let you know tomorrow.