Qual challenge: days 28, 29, 30 & 31

img_2487The end of my qual challenge, but still 2-3 interviews to go. No luck so far with growers. I know, mea culpa, wrong timing for taking time from growers. One of my supervisors is giving some names, and hopefully we can progress.  I had a great interview with industry body, lady was great and may introduce to some growers too. Next challenge will be transcripts. That’s a tedious, boring and time consuming chore. But I just have to do it.

With mom I am trying to do the house transfer. Got a lawyer, house appraisal and ok from brother 3. See how it goes.
On a positive note we had a great party for boy 2, he’s 9 y/o now, growing quickly and so cute. Had a full house with crazy energetic boys & girls. My comadre, really made the day with the most beautiful cake EVER! Boy 2 was so happy he wanted the party to continue for a couple of days.


Qual challenge: day 27

17, seventeen interviews! Almost there, only one or two to go. Today I was going to interview grower, but he told me that he was working on the truck. Very hard to get hold of growers, bad timing too. If I had done that interview I’d have felt done. It wasn’t to be. This tells me that I cannot afford to run surveys later than July next year. Did a bit of work on transcripts. Next challenge will be transcript challenge. Then, I’ll do coding challenge.

Had a bad argument about money with hubby. Always the same thing, but I am extra worried about mums finances. That’s all.

Planning Boy 2 birthday next Saturday. Should be a fun day.

Qual challenge: days 26 & 27

Yesterday I applied for my father’s visa to come and visit us here.  Visa application was not that hard given that I had all the paper work from my mortgage application.   I have asked for 8-10 weeks, main worried is my mum as i don’t know whether she will be that thrilled for me to sponsor my father.  There is no love lost between those two.  To be fair, my father was a total prick with mum, and still is.  My suffered so much, and maybe some of her PSTD is due to my dad’s treatment of her.  Should I get a Spanish-speaker psychologist for them?   I was very happy that I at least I completed the application and submitted all the documentation.  Visa application? Tick, done.

Also, I have started to do the transcripts for my interviews.  Given that I spend 1 hour only doing 6 minutes, can you imagine how much to do the 20 hours or so that i have collected?  Still I do need to finish the transcripts soon, so I can start coding.  Ideally, I would like to have coded finished by 21 December.  So three weeks, 21 days of transcripts, plus two weeks coding.  Tight.  The plan is that by 21 December I can actually start doing analysing, and writing up.  I need to have a draft report/journal by end of January.


Qual challenge: day 25

Had a quiet, stay home weekend. Yoga lessons, food shopping, washing clothes, TV binging, mundane tasks. Nothing too exciting or stimulating, but I needed a weekend like that after so much drama with mum, changing unis, financial mess, work and general socio-political upheaval.

What I did was to get piñata for Boy 2 party, clean up backyard, work in the garden, sent party invites, decide on party theme, choose games and menu.

Today I will work on office processes, plus appt with accountant. This week main objectives: mortgage, accountant mum, finish work proceses and job review, finish interviews and start with transcripts. Life continues.

Also, State election was called this weekend.

QUAL challenge: day 24

One week to go to end this challenge. I’ve got three interviews booked for next week, that will bring to 18, plus 2 – 4 people I going to interview informally. I think I m getting great info to work on journal article. Must learn to write academically.

Yesterday we had a little Halloween celebration with Scouts. Today lazy day at home, starting with good yoga session in the morning. Mum feeling a bit better. Tomorrow I hope we can prepare for boys 2 party next week. Life again getting extremely busy.

QUAL challenge: day 21 & 22

I finally applied to new university, I felt terrible to let down old supervisors and anxious about new supervisor. The only constant is DJ, my wonderful external supervisor. As for work, I am up to 15 interviews, happy with numbers and quality, but I still may need another 3-5. I could easily stop here now, got around 15h of interviews, better rich insights. Still I have this nagging feeling that a few more interviews would add depth to my research.

At home a bit upset with hubby no looking after himself. Sleeping until 3am, eating rubbish and no doing any exercise. Terrible. Mum is settling slowly into her new routine. No news on retirement options.

It’s 5am and I have been up since 2am, really not doing anything productive. I feel this FB craze is taking over our family. At the end it’s only a symptom of something bigger.

Qual challenge: days 16-20

I have a bit slack on my blogging, research, work, well life in general. Mum’s condition has affected me to the core, so much that I m at breaking point.  I could easily burst into tears at any time.. but I must remember this is not about me, but about my poor mother and her downfall. Life is a bitch and then you get dementia.

On a positive note, today I applied for UQ. It was hard to tell my other supervisors, but with all the past drama, it was the best decision. I had my first Skype call. I contacted the retailers and they were ok to take part in interviews. More to come.


Qual challenge: 13 day

Overwhelmed, heartbroken and grieving. Dementia is winning, taking my brave, strong mother to the abysm. Leaving her in mental limbo, surrounded by sadness and fear. Life is unfair, mums condition is proof beyond doubt. She is going quickly and is taking so much of me.

Qual challenge: 10, 11 & 12

I am in Toowoomba with mum as she is having her endoscopy tomorrow.  Mum is very stressed given the pain in her chest. Happy we managed to convinced her to go ahead with procedure.  Also, today Bukele confirmed he’s going for president. We’ll see how that goes. No uni work today.